The Watering Hole is the only bar on the beach in the UK. A must-see attraction, The Watering Hole has generously agreed to host this year's World Belly Board Championships and is sure to have a few treats in store.

Found in the middle of Cornwall’s finest beach on the west coast, with a 3 mile stretch of sand shadowed by dunes and sea as far as the eye can go, there is space for all of your family and friends to enjoy the live music, get involved with the champs and browse the stalls on offer.


" The only bar actually on the beach in the UK, and the oldest! People continuously ask; how is it there? has it been flooded? how long has it been there?
Just over 30 years ago(1978) a man called Bob Job started up a shack on the beach, roaming the Perranporth coast with deck-chairs, surf hire and ice cream vans. 

Bill was in charge of this establishment before Bob but he then moved down under to Byron bay, which is where he still remains, passing his business onto a Bob, who revolutionized this shack into what is now The Watering Hole. Nobody is too sure on how it was allowed to become a bar / restaurant, but I guess it’s just one of those things that happens, making a difference to huge amounts of people every day."